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About IndiaBUys

We are an assisted eCommerce startup

The rise of the e-commerce market in India has taken every consumer and even retail stores by storm, but, has it really? A very small share of the e-commerce market can be attributed to consumers in rural parts of India, but why is that? Is it because of a lack of awareness? Can it be blamed on low internet penetration? Or is it just a fear of shopping online? We at IndiaBuys ask the right questions and have the best possible solution to these problems.

Bringing before you the best of both worlds, are our IndiaBuys physical stores.Our stores are meant to give you the benefits of shopping online and the trust of a physical store. With an endless option of varieties of products to buy from, at cheap prices, you are sure to be left spoiled for choice. What’s more, the assistance that the store manager gives you shall be free of cost.

So, here is what you have to do. Walk into an IndiaBuys store and have a look at the various buying options for the product you desire on a large screen. The store manager shall show you various products and assist you in deciding the best option for your need. This way, we take care of all your payments, deliveries, exchanges and returns. Easy, isn’t it?

Our business model is simple and yet effective. We have partnered with Amazon, the world’s best and leading e-commerce brand. With the assistance of aspiring entrepreneurs, we set up stores in tier II and tier III cities of India on a franchise model. We follow a zero-inventory approach and bring you products on a demand basis. All this, while you walk home with the best deals on the internet.